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Titel på arbejdetQuantitative Sensory Testing and PET/CT Scanning in Assessment of Surgical Outcome for Lumbar Disc Herniation
NavnCheristian Christensen Støttrup
Afdeling / StedSpine Center of Southern Denmark – part of Lillebaelt Hospital
UniversitetDepartment of Regional Health Research – University of Southern Denmark
  • Spine Surgery
Abstract / Summary

This PhD thesis examines the consequences of prolonged duration of preoperative pain, both in regards of clinical outcome of surgery and whether hypersensitization of pain perception occurs. A large retrospective cohort study including more than 2,000 patients found inferior clinical outcomes of surgical treatment in patients with delayed surgical intervention. Hypersensitivity to pain and experimental stimuli may occur in patients with lumbar disc herniation, however, no clinical importance or usefulness of such tests were detected. Unilateral pain in patients with LDH was found to be associated with increased glucose metabolism in the contralateral thalamus, suggesting a central role of thalamus in chronic pain perception.

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