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Titel på arbejdetSurgical treatment of bone sarcomas and aggressive benign bone tumors.
NavnChristina Holm
Afdeling / StedOrtopædkirurgisk afdeling, Rigshospitalet
UniversitetKøbenhavns Universitet
  • Orthopaedic oncology
Abstract / Summary

Bone sarcomas are a rare type of malignancies representing less than 0.2 % of all malignancies and approximately 5% of all childhood cancers. The majority of bone sarcomas arise in the lower extremities and pelvis. Limb sparing surgery (LSS) with resection and reconstruction with tumor prostheses is currently offered to more than 80% of patients with bone sarcoma in the long bones.
The overall purpose of present thesis was to evaluate the various aspects after LSS and reconstruction with tumor prostheses in the lower extremities and furthermore to develop and validate a prediction model for 1-year survival in patients with newly diagnosed bone sarcoma, in effort to provide evidence as a basis for further optimization of the surgical treatment of bone sarcomas.

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