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DOS Kongressen 2014 ·
Reliability and validity of the Danish version of SRS
Ane Simony, Karen Højmark Hansen, Leah Carreon,
Mikkel Østerheden Andersen
Rygkirurgisk Afdeling, Middelfart Sygehus; Research Department for Spine
Surgery, Norton Spine Center
Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is a three dimensional disease
of the spine, with a Cobb angel greater than 10º. AIS affects children in the age
of 12-16, and develops during the growth spurt. Treatment of AIS is correction
of the spine by either brace treatment or surgery. Haher et al created the SRS
22 questionnaire as a tool to monitor health related quality of life in scoliosis
patients, but no previous Danish version has been validated.
Purpose / Aim of Study:
To evaluate the validity and reliability, of the Danish
adapted version of SRS 22.
Materials and Methods:
The SRS 22 were translated and cross cultural adapt-
ed, according to the guidelines from WHO. The SRS22 Danish version was dis-
tributed to 262 patients with scoliosis and 50 age matched controls, together
with SF12. All data where analyzed by a independent statistician.
Findings / Results:
A total of 207 questionnaires (79.2% response rate) were
retrieved.165 questionnaires from scoliosis patients and 42 from healthy con-
trols. No floor effects was noted. In the scoliosis patients, moderate ceiling ef-
fects were observed on the Satisfaction with Management domain. Reliability
of the SRS-22 seemed good with a Cronbach á of 0.93 in scoliosis patients,
0.90 in healthy controls. In patients, good reliability was found for all domains:
Pain, 0.88; Self-image, 0.87; Function, 0.89; Mental Health, 0.90; Satisfaction
with Management, 0.68. The concurrent validity showed good reliability with
an overall á of 0.88. The results were statistically significant at P <0.05. The
discriminant validity was tested with a t-test. All domains differed significantly
and reveal scoliosis patients have lower scores compared with the controls.
The Danish translated version of SRS 22 is valid, and can detect
difference between patient with scoliosis and a age matched healthy control
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