40th anniversary of the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register

The Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register was established in 1979 and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The success of the register largely depends on the now retiring professors Johan Kärrholm and Henrik Malchau. To acknowledge their important contributions to orthopaedics and to celebrate the anniversary, we are organizing a jubilee symposium June 13-14th, 2019 in Gothenburg.

A collection of articles has been compiled in an “e-zine” for the anniversary jubilee. The articles have recently been published in Acta Orthopaedica and they demonstrate the diversity of endeavors the register-associated researchers undertake. We hope you will find these articles stimulating and that this research will contribute to improve care further for patients undergoing hip arthroplasty, which is the overall aim of the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register.