Page 29 - DOS Kongressen 2012 - Abstracts

Session 14: Foredragskonkurrence
Fredag 26. oktober
12.15 – 15:30
lokale: A + B
Chairmen: Martin Lind, Anders Troelsen
Bone Cement with Initial Slow-Curing Increases Stability of
Tibial Trays in TKR
Maiken Stilling, Frank Madsen, Claus Fink Jepsen, Kjeld Søballe,
Anders Odgaard
Efficacy of neuromuscular exercise in patients with severe
osteoarthritis of the hip or knee: A randomised controlled trial
Allan Villadsen, Søren Overgaard, Anders Holsgaard-Larsen, Robin
Christensen, Ewa Roos
Equally good fixation of cemented and uncemented cups in
total joint trapeziometacarpal prostheses: a randomized clinical
RSA study with 2 years follow-up
Torben Bæk Hansen, Maiken Stilling
Increased one year risk of venous thromboembolism following
total hip replacement: A nationwide cohort study
Alma B Pedersen, Søren P Johnsen, Henrik T Sørensen
Increased risk of ACL revision after anteromedial compared
to transtibial technique for femoral drillhole placement during
ACL reconstruction. Result from the Danish registry of Knee
ligament reconstruction
Lene Rahr Wagner, Theis Thillemann, Alma Becic Pedersen, Marin
Carøe Lind