Page 25 - DOS Kongressen 2012 - Abstracts

Session 12: Foot/ankle – Hand/wrist
Fredag 26. oktober
Kl.: 12:15 – 13:30
lokale: B
Chairmen: Johnny Frøkjær, Pernille Leicht
Assessment of precision in adult cadaver foot phantom model
using radiostereometric analysis
Peter Buxbom, Ragnhild í Skorini, Stig Sonne-Holm, Christian Wong
Distraction osteogenesis after failed arthrodesis surgery on the
first metatarso-phalangeal joint
Jens Kurt Johansen, Jens Wester, Tune Ipsen
Metal on metal articulation in total joint arthroplasty of the
trapeziometacarpal joint seems not to represent a major problem
Lene Dremstrup, Maiken Stilling, Torben Bæk Hansen
The Eaton-Glickel classification cannot predict clinical
outcome after total joint arthroplasty of the trapeziometacarpal
Lone Kirkeby, Torben Bæk Hansen
Ultrasound used as first line examination in the surgeon's
office: Diagnostic accuracy of Wrist-to-Forearm Ratio in Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome
Jeppe Lange
Validation of the Danish version of the Achilles tendon Total
Rupture Score (ATRS).
Ann Ganestam, Kristoffer Barfod, Jakob Klit, Anders Troelsen