Page 211 - DOS Kongressen 2012 - Abstracts

Expectations and health-related quality of life - a questionnaire
survey of patients undergoing total hip replacements
Jane Schwartz Leonhardt, Per Kjærsgaard-Andersen
Ortopaedic Vejle Hospital; Ortopaedic, Vejle Sygehus
Patients with fulfilled expectations after total hip replacement
THA) surgery experience higher satisfaction with the outcome of the surgery.
Unrealistic expectations to the surgery may cause discouragement during the
rehabilitation process, and some patients therefore avoid following the
postoperative recommendations.
Purpose / Aim of Study:
To examine how THA patients' expectations to pain,
mobility, sleep, energy and mental balance are fulfilled three weeks after
surgery. Supplemented with the patients' self- assed health-related quality of
life measured with Nottingham Health Profile (NHP).
Materials and Methods:
Preoperatively and three weeks postoperatively the
patients completed the NHP questionnaire, questions regarding expectations to
surgery and fulfilment of expectations as well as demographic questions.
Findings / Results:
patients were included in the survey. All respondents
(100 %)
expected some or much improvement in their wellbeing after surgery.
Three weeks after survey, the expectations were fulfilled to some or to a high
degree: Pain (85,5 %), mobility (90.9 %), sleep (91.0 %), energy (80.0 %) and
mental balance (90.9 %). For 23.6 % of the respondents their wellbeing was
the same or worse three weeks after surgery. In general all patients
experienced improved quality of life three weeks after surgery compared with
the NHP questionnaire before surgery.
All patients expected an improvement in their wellbeing after
surgery. 85.5-91.0 % of the patients had their expectations fulfilled within
pain, mobility, sleep, energy and metal balance to some or a high degree. One
fourth of the patients did not experience an improvement in their wellbeing
three weeks after surgery. In general the patients experienced improved health-
related quality of life.