Page 19 - DOS Kongressen 2012 - Abstracts

Session 9: Trauma
Fredag 26. oktober
Kl.: 09:00 – 10:15
lokale: C
Chairmen: Frank Damborg, Mikael Brix
Admission to hospital in the months before a fractured hip is
associated with increased mortality
Christian Medom Madsen, Henrik Løvendahl Jørgensen, Troels Riis,
Susanne van der Mark, Jes Bruun Lauritzen, Benn Duus
Anterior Knee Pain and Limitations in Activity and
Participation after Intramedullary Nailing of Tibial Shaft Fracture
Peter Larsen, Hans Lund, Uffe Laessoe, Thomas Graven-Nielsen,
Juozas Petruskevicius, Sten Rasmussen
Bone transport of the tibia with a motorized intramedullary
nail (Fitbone).
Søren Kold, Knud Stenild Christensen
Case series of first experience with use of the Intertan nail for
all types of proximal femoral fractures
Ann Jørgensen, Ilija Ban, Thomas Bloch, Thomas Houe, Henrik Palm
Correlation between fractures and weather specific road
conditions in an urban area
Morten Torrild Thomsen, Troels Riis, Bo Sommer, Henrik Jørgensen,
Lauritzen Jes, Benn Duus
Equestrian related trauma cases received at Rigshospitalets
Traume Center 2011
Mads Holm Møller, Henrik Grønborg